Things To Know About Walk-In Urgent Care Centers

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Crowded emergency rooms were the status quo in the past. There was no answer as to what could be done to ease the pressure felt by waiting patients and equipped staff. Many patients simply found that they could neither obtain on-time primary care physician appointments nor physician specialists to fill the void for immediate medical treatment care. So they did the next best thing they thought of, and that was to descend upon the emergency room.

Innovative Walk-In Urgent Care Services

At some point, an innovative service called walk-in urgent care was just emerging in the health care industry. It was quickly recognized as the perfect answer to not only crowded emergency rooms but also when you can't obtain a timely primary care physician appointment. This new trend is growing all over America. Walk-in urgent care centers immediately claimed a well-needed niche that offers patient options.

A Viable Basic Medical Service Industry Option

Although walk-in urgent care centers were mainly known for not requiring an appointment, the centers also indicated that their costs were a lower option for you. They have now evolved into a viable basic medical service option for you when you need urgent care. They are not appropriate for life-threatening emergencies; however, they are well designed to offer you treatment for non-life-threatening ailments.

No Insurance And No Long Wait For Care

If you have no insurance coverage, you still have the option of visiting a walk-in urgent care center, without an appointment, and obtaining medical services that cost less than you would end up paying for emergency room services. As a patient you can now simply walk in after your workday ends, or even during your lunch hour, and get the care you badly need at a walk-in urgent care center. It's referred to as on-demand care at flexible business hours. Many of these clinics even open evening and weekends.

Treatment Services Offered

Illnesses just happen; it's the way the body works. Walk-in urgent care clinics are there to care for you, usually opening early and staying open late into the evening. A lot of them are open on weekend days at various hours too. The clinics offer treatment care for flu symptoms, colds, bronchitis, and strep throat. These urgent care walk-in centers also offer services for broken bones, insect bites, and stings, as well as heat exhaustion. Sprains and strains are treated, and even frostbite, cuts, and scrapes are tended to. Needed x-rays are available on site.

Life-Threatening Care

Do remember that you should not seek care for treatment of life-threatening emergencies at walk-in urgent care centers. Those emergencies are best addressed at emergency rooms, which have more resourceful technology to arrive at diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening illnesses.

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