How To Avoid The Flu

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With winter comes flu season, along with all the associated symptoms. But you don't have to succumb to the flu virus. This year, be vigilant about taking precautionary measures to protect yourself from the flu.

Boost Your Immune System

When you build up your immune system, you'll be much less likely to fall sick from the flu.

One way to boost your immune system is to take vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D deficiency has been proven to increase your chances of falling ill from any number of sicknesses, including the flu. In winter, most people get less natural vitamin D from sunlight, so it helps to add a little extra vitamin D to your diet in the form of supplements.

Another way to boost your immune system is to increase your vegetable intake. Vegetables contain vital phytochemicals that protect and fight against foreign bodies such as the flu virus. If you don't care to add more vegetable to your diet, consider juicing. When you juice vegetables, you ingest far more vegetables than you could ever imagine eating in one day, and you reap all the vitamin and nutrient benefits.

Block Your Exposure

Washing your hands frequently is a proven way to prevent getting sick. But to really block your exposure to the flu virus, you need to avoid others who are sick. Unfortunately, hardworking people often show up to work while sick because they feel the need to get work done.

If your coworker seems to be contagious with flu symptoms, politely suggest they take a day or two to rest at home. If need be, you can ask your manager to send him or her home. Hopefully, this will set a precedent in your office of employees feeling comfortable calling in sick without penalty.

Wash Your Purchased Goods

Too often, cashiers at supermarkets and retail stores will handle your purchased goods while sick. Then you bring the bags home and handle everything right after they have, which can cause you to catch their flu virus.

If you see a cashier who is sniffling or exhibiting other symptoms, choose another checkout lane. If you still end up with a cashier who appears under the weather, take the time to wash off your bottles, jars, cans, and produce when you get home. Don't forget to wash your own hands with lots of soap.

Instead of winding up in urgent care at a facility like Harrison Medical Center this winter, take these simple precautions to avoid the flu and stay healthy and vibrant all winter long.