Proper Contact Lens Care

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If you wear glasses and have recently decided to try contact lenses, you will need to make sure take care of them properly so you do not cause injury to your eyes. Following proper lens care instructions will also allow you to wear your contact lenses for a bit longer without needing to get a new pair prematurely. Here are some tips you can use to keep your disposable contact lenses in the best shape possible.

Always Wash First

Before you place your contact lenses in your eyes, make sure your hands are clean and free from any debris. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any possible particles that can be on your fingertips. If you fail to wash first, you risk placing dirt or dust in your eye, causing irritation and perhaps infection.

Check Your Package

Some brands of contact lenses will imprint small letters or numbers on the lens signifying which side should be placed into the eye. If the lens is inside-out, it will feel a little strange when you put it in your eye. To have the best fit, check the contact lens packaging to see if there is a guide to tell you which side should be placed toward the eye. If your brand does not have this information, and your lens feels a bit off after you place it over your eye, remove it and try turning it inside-out to give the other side a try for better comfort.

Do Routine Maintenance

Many contact lens solutions are "all-in-one" solutions that will allow you to rinse, disinfect and store your contacts in the same solution. Before you place contact lenses in your eyes, rinse them using the solution to remove any random particles that may have gotten on them while storing or picking them up out of the contact lens case. When you take your contacts out at the end of the day, use some of the same solution to disinfect your contact lenses.

Pour some directly on each lens and rub gently with a fingertip to help remove any protein deposits that may have built up on the lens from normal wear. Use the solution in each side of your contact lenses case to store the lenses overnight. Make sure the lenses are completely covered by the solution so they do not dry up from lack of moisture. Make sure you screw the lids on tightly so liquid does not escape the case or evaporate.

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