Getting The Energy You Need To Make It Through The Day

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Do you have a hard time staying awake throughout the day, even after eight hours of sleep at night? Are you ready to take a nap directly after you eat lunch? Find out how you can increase your energy naturally and become more alert, a great benefit in the hurried and stressing world of today.

Operating On A Cellular Level

The energy you feel is manufactured in your body's cells. If the cells are compromised, you feel it by being tired. Your cells depend on a delicate balance of nutrients for making enough energy to fuel your daily routine. For most people, eating a well-balanced diet in addition to getting enough rest and exercise is sufficient to maintain good health on a cellular level. However, if you are not getting some specific vitamins and minerals in your diet every day, your cells suffer and do not function properly, especially when it comes to energy production.

Your Body Does Not Produce Vitamin B12

Cellular metabolism depends on vitamin B12. Without healthy cellular metabolism, your cells do not generate energy. You can get vitamin B12 in foods like red meat and shellfish like clams, but ensuring you get enough is extremely important to maintain enough energy to go all day. Supplementing your diet with vitamin B12 is a good way to provide this precious nutrient for your cells. Your body does not manufacture vitamin B12 on its own, so getting it from dietary sources is necessary. Talk with your health care provider about your need for vitamin B12 and how to best supplement your diet.

Avoiding Caffeine Dependency For Greater Energy

You may feel a boost after a cup of coffee in the morning, but it does not last. Caffeine is a temporary energy boost and when the boost is over, your body crashes. A caffeine crash can make you feel more tired than before you drank coffee. Caffeine does not provide the cells with anything beneficial for cellular metabolism, the reason you crash so hard when its effects wear off.

Herbal Supplements For Energy

The market is flooded with many herbal supplements and drinks claiming to boost your energy levels. However, when it comes to energy drinks, your energy boost may come from a blend of sugars and caffeine in addition to a small proprietary blend of natural ingredients like guarana. The energy you experience from herbal blends can also cause you to crash due to sugar and caffeine content. Talk with your doctor about the best herbal supplement for increasing your energy without the addition of caffeine and sugars.

The foods you eat are essential to you feeling enough energy to make it through a day. However, with the lifestyles of most people today, getting in three balanced meals can be next to impossible. For this reason, the importance of supplementing your diet with vitamins is important. Learn more about the multivitamin supplements best for you by visiting a vitamin store near you, like Corner Drugs