Tips To Make Your Gynecologist Visit More Pleasant

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Going to the gynecologist is never a fun experience, but it's necessary to maintain good health. If you're getting ready to schedule your next visit, there are a few things you can do to be more proactive and to take the stress out of the occasion. Read on for some helpful ways to make your next visit a bit more pleasant.

Plan Ahead

Waiting in the doctor's office is never fun, and this goes for the gynecologist as well. If you can, schedule your appointment as far in advance as possible so you can get the earliest time slot. The earlier in the day, the sooner you can be seen and then be on your way. Check to see if you can be scheduled on a day where the doctor is not performing any surgeries. Surgery days usually translate into patients waiting longer to be seen.

Dress Comfortably

When it's time for your exam, it's best to dress in clothing that can easily come off. Don't wear body shapers and pantyhose that can make the process of undressing and getting dressed again too lengthy and frustrating. Wear warm socks, which you should be allowed to leave on so you can keep your feet and legs warm if the exam room is cold. If you are coming for a mammogram, wear a skirt or pants with a top so you will only need to remove your shirt instead of your entire dress.

Prepare Some Questions

Just like your gynecologist will ask questions of you, it's recommended that you also jot down a few questions you may have regarding your current health. Some good questions to ask include if there are any new forms of birth control currently available, and if your current birth control could possibly interact with any other medications you're taking at the moment. If you've been experiencing any unusual symptoms, now is the time to ask the doctor about those as well. You should also write down any helpful information your gynecologist relays to you so you will be able to remember it later.

Make Your Gynecologist Your Friend

While most of the issues talked about in this particular setting can be uncomfortable, it's much easier if you feel at ease with your doctor. Feel free to make some small talk and keep the situation lighthearted. Do not be afraid to tell your doctor about any strange odors, itching, or other problems that you may have noticed. The gynecologist won't likely know about these symptoms unless you tell them. Odds are that they'll be able to provide you with some good advice and recommendations if you're comfortable talking with them openly.

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