Ayurvedic Treatments That Can Help You Find Balance In Your Life

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If you find yourself stressed and feeling out of sorts in your life, it may be because you are imbalanced. Your work life may be taking too much energy away from your family and hobbies, or your diet may be making you sluggish and without energy. You may have heard of an ayurvedic practitioner, or a specialist who works with balancing the human body using various techniques. Under ayuvedic treatment, your work life, personal life, hobbies, diet, and even your sleeping patterns are discussed and assessed with your practitioner to help you find the best alternative treatment for you. Here are some treatments you can expect when you follow ancient ayurvedic ways.

Diet changes

Your ayurveidic practitioner may prescribe you a specific diet to help you find balance and harmony in your life. Under the rule of this ancient medicine, each type of food carries a certain characteristic, and too much of one or not enough of another can bring you out of balance and leave you feeling worried, stressed, angry, or tired. Sweet foods are believed to aid in tissue health and promote strength in your muscles, while salty foods keep your electrolytes in check. Bitter foods helps enhance the 'powers' of other tastes, while sour foods help you digest. A simple change in your diet can bring you great relief.


Under the careful care of your ayurvedic practitioner, you may be able to detoxify your body of impurities that are causing you to feel imbalanced. A combination of oils and herbs can be taken in a tonic for a laxative or vomiting effect, or you can do a full body cleanse with a diet restriction. Your practitioner will take your medical history into account before they recommend any kind of detox. If you have low blood pressure or a heart condition, for example, they may not wish to place you on an extensive detox for your own health.


Ayurvedic medicine often calls for essential oils to help patients find relief. Once your diagnosis has been made, your ayurvedic practitioner may give you a massage with essential oils designed to draw out impurities and toxins that are causing you to feel out of harmony. Oils commonly used are lavender to relieve stress, lemongrass for calming, peppermint for circulation, and ginger for purification.

Prior to beginning any treatment using ayurvedic remedies, make sure you discuss your medical history in full with your practitioner. The more you can tell them about yourself, the better they will be able to pinpoint what is causing your mind and body to be out of balance so they can help you find relief.