Common Signs You Have Some Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss usually comes on very slowly over time, and this is why it can be difficult to decide when it's time to see a specialist for hearing aids. While you may not feel that you have a problem with your hearing, there are a number of common signs that indicate you may be suffering from hearing loss. If you are feeling that others around you mumble frequently, or you find yourself frequently asking people to repeat what they said, it's probably time to have your hearing assessed by a professional. Whether you need hearing aids, or you have an issue that can be remedied, knowing when to seek help for hearing loss is important.

Gradual Hearing Loss

If you find yourself having trouble following the conversation while in a group setting, this is usually not due to an inability to pay attention. You are probably struggling with early hearing loss. While you may be unconsciously reading lips to accommodate your early hearing loss, this is very hard to do while in a group. You may also find it hard to have a conversation on the phone without turning up the volume on your phone. If you can't have a decent conversation with a person when you can't see their lips move, hearing loss is likely present.

Temporary Hearing Loss

A number of problems can cause you to suffer from temporary hearing loss. An ear infection, fluid in the ears, or even wax buildup can cause problems with our hearing. When you suffer from allergies, your ears can become blocked. Benign tumors can cause problems with hearing, as can a perforated ear drum. If your hearing loss comes on quickly, it's important to be evaluated right away to see what the problem is.

If You Need Hearing Aids

Hearing aids aren't going to cure your hearing loss, but they can make living with hearing loss easier. Hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds, increasing the range of high pitched sounds you can hear. In early hearing loss, people generally can hear sounds in the lower range but lose the ability to hear high pitched sounds. Some hearing aids focus on increasing the higher pitched noise while keeping the lower range sounds as is. While hearing aids can help you cope with every day life, they are not going to prevent further hearing loss. 

When you aren't sure if you have hearing loss, it's time to get an evaluation from a doctor like those at Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing Center.