I Think I Was Exposed To Hepatitis B! What Should I Do?

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Hepatitis B is inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. Many students are vaccinated for the virus before high school, which is important because there is no cure for the condition. Instead, treatment can keep Hepatitis B from becoming a major issue. Hepatitis B is a serious health concern, and it is important to take swift action if you think you may have been exposed. With treatment, those with Hepatitis B have a positive prognosis.

Understand the Causes of Hepatitis B

Exposure to Hepatitis B occurs in a number of ways, as it is transmitted via saliva, semen, blood, and other fluids. This means you can get Hepatitis B through sexual intercourse and oral sex. You can also contract Hepatitis B by sharing needles, either medically or for intravenous drug use. Mothers can also transmit the virus during childbirth.

Take Preventative Care

If you have read the above and decided that you may have been exposed to Hepatitis B, you have some precautions to take.The sooner you get care, the better. Get to the doctor as soon as possible for an injection that contains Hepatitis B immune globulin, which will boost your immune system's response to the virus. You may also receive a vaccination against Hepatitis B if you do not already have it. It is a good idea to know your immunization history.

Look for Signs of Hepatitis B

Next, continue to look for possible signs of hepatitis in the next four months following exposure. These may include but are not limited to abdominal pain, dark urine, severe fever, pain in the joints, loss of appetite, nausea, yellowing skin, and weakness.

Get Tested for Hepatitis B Regularly

A doctor can run multiple tests for Hepatitis B to determine if you actually have the the virus. If you do, the doctor will be able to determine via blood test if it is chronic Hepatitis B or acute Hepatitis B. If the case appears severe, the doctor may opt to perform a liver biopsy to see if there is damage.

Treatment Options for Hepatitis B

If you do have Hepatitis B, there are a number of steps you can take. First, you want to ensure that you stick to a healthy diet with plenty of fluids. For pain, your doctor will prescribe you some painkillers that will not damage your liver any further. The doctor will also want to monitor your infection and the state of your liver. With quick action, you can ensure that your condition does not become extreme.

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