How Language Development Services Benefit Your Child With Language Delays

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Language development services could mean the difference between your child struggling in school and being successful. If your child has language delays, then it could have a negative impact on his or her life that carries over into adulthood. Intervention with a language development instructor at an early age can make a difference. However, your child can benefit from language instruction at any age. Here's when language development may be needed and how it can benefit your child:

When Language Development Should Be Considered

Language delays can often be detected early by a pediatrician or daycare professional. You may even notice that your child doesn't seem to use language as well as other children his or her age. The problem might have a medical cause such as poor hearing or it might be something your child will outgrow. Your child's doctor will probably rule out medical causes for speech problems and possibly recommend language development at an early age so your child is better prepared for school.

If the problem is not detected before your child enters the school system, a teacher may recommend language development classes. Many schools have their own language development teachers that can work with your child individually or in small groups to help your child with speech, vocabulary, and language. Sometimes language problems are caused when English is not the native language. If your family moved from another country and your child did not learn English naturally, then he or she will probably need personal instruction to be able to excel in school.

How Language Development Helps Your Child

All children progress at different rates, so limited language skills at a very early age are not always a cause for concern. By the time your child nears school age, not having a good grasp of English can be a big problem. He or she will have difficulty reading and learning. Communication could even be impaired. This could cause your child to do poorly in school and be labeled as less intelligent than he or she really is. Language delay is not linked to intelligence. You could have a gifted child who is unable to excel and learn simply because he or she lacks the language skills to do so effectively.

By taking development instruction, your child is able to do better in school. This can prevent other problems such as frustration and boredom that leads to acting out in class. Proper language development is also essential for social reasons. It will be difficult for your child to make friends if everyone speaks English except for your child. If your child is behind developmentally and speaks at a lower age level, he or she may have a hard time fitting in. Language instruction can help your child master the spoken language well enough to make friends and do well in school, and this creates a foundation for future success in life and the workplace.

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