What Dialysis Treatments Are Available To You?

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When you need kidney dialysis, you need to take seriously your options for treatment. Forgoing kidney dialysis treatments can lead to complete kidney failure or even death. Your doctor will explain to you your dialysis treatment options based on your overall health, kidney function, and whether you need to have a kidney transplant or not. 

What kidney dialysis does is this: artificially cleanses your body of toxins and waste like your kidneys normally do, but cannot for whatever reason. You must flush your body of toxins in order to live healthily, so getting kidney dialysis treatments are key to your successful life.

Kidney dialysis is typically done in a special dialysis center, where you can sit in comfort while you receive your treatments. You'll get a referral to a nearby center from your doctor. When you get your referral, you can begin treatment right away so you can keep your health strong and live a more normal life until your kidney condition improves, you gain access to new medication, or you receive a kidney transplant.


Hemodialysis is one type of dialysis treatment you can receive. This type of dialysis involves pumping your blood out of your body into a machine, where the blood is cleansed. Then the blood is released back into your body. The treatment takes time and care, so make sure you only have this type of treatment done at a quality dialysis treatment center.

You may have to receive several hemodialysis treatments a week to keep your body free of waste and toxins. The amount of treatments you need on a regular basis is entirely dependent upon your kidney function. Low or non-functioning kidneys are unable to flush much waste at all, which leads to more alternative treatments to help you stay healthy.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Another type of dialysis treatment to consider is the peritoneal dialysis treatment. This is a kidney flushing exercise that is completed by inserting a permanent tube in your belly button, which is used to insert sterile cleaning solution into your body. Once the fluid has done its job, the fluid is then removed again.

You can receive a continuous cleaning solution via this type of dialysis treatment, or you can go to a dialysis center to have peritoneal dialysis done periodically. The method of treatment you'll receive is based upon your natural kidney function. If your kidneys have poor function or you're on a kidney transplant list, continuous therapy may be best for you. Discuss these options with your doctor, so you receive the best dialysis treatment for your needs.