Things Potential Patients Should Know About Dermal Fillers

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Individuals will often find that maintaining their appearance can become increasingly difficult as they age. In particular, it can be common for individuals to find that their skin develops uneven patches. Dermal fillers are a treatment option for those that are developing this particular cosmetic problem.

What Happens When You Receive Dermal Fillers?

The process of using dermal fillers will require the doctor to inject a specially designed filler material just beneath the surface of the skin. This filler will even out areas that have become depressed or indented over time. Some individuals may be concerned about the results from this procedure leading to extremely drastic changes in the patient's appearance. However, this is not actually what should be expected. Most patients will find that the changes after their procedure will be fairly discrete.

How Much Pain Can Be Expected From Getting Dermal Fillers?

As with most other medical procedures, patients can have an intense concern about the pain and recovery from the procedure. Most dermal filler patients will find that the discomfort or pain that they experience during this procedure will be kept extremely mild. Local anesthetics are used and the injections of the filler material are extremely quick. These two factors can contribute to some patients barely noticing the injections when they occur. In the hours and days after the treatment, you may experience some tenderness in the area where the injections were made.

Are Dermal Fillers A Permanent Addition To Your Appearance?

Many cosmetic procedures will result in permanent changes to your appearance. While dermal fillers are fairly long-lasting treatments, they are not permanent. Most individuals will find that their dermal fillers will gradually degrade over time. For individuals that enjoyed the results of their dermal filler treatments, it will be necessary to undergo maintenance treatments in the future. However, it should be many months, or up to a couple of years before these treatments will be needed again.

When a person is wanting to improve their overall appearance, dermal fillers are often a viable option. These fillers can be used to correct a number of different types and degrees of skin blemishes and uneven areas. While dermal fillers are a common and effective treatment, a patient that is uninformed about this procedure will not be in a position to make a decision about it. After you have learned more about the way that these fillers are applied, the problems that they can be used to address as well as the length of time that they last, evaluating the benefits of getting dermal fillers will be easier.