Tips For Helping You Pick An ED Medication

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If you have an erectile dysfunction problem and want to start treating it with the use of medications, then there are quite a few drugs on the market that are available to you. You will need a prescription from your doctor, but you can suggest certain medications over others. Keep reading to learn about some tips on how to pick from the different options.

Look At Your Insurance Coverage

Most types of insurance will cover name brand ED medications as well as generic forms of the pills. However, this will depend on the coverage you have, so give your insurance provider a call first before speaking with your physician. If you are covered for the medication, then you need to ask how many pills you can get in a month. Many insurance companies will cover only a set number of pills in a 30-day period. This number will vary from provider to provider, with some companies only paying for 10 to 15 pills. Others will allow for a full month supply.

If you think you will be using the medication more often than what is paid for by the insurance company, then you want to know how much each pill costs individually. You can purchase them out of pocket once your insurance no longer pays for the medication, as long as your prescription allows for the additional medication. 

The cheapest medications are ones that have generic forms, but you should still be prepared to pay anywhere from $15 to over $60 a pill. You can call around to different pharmacies to find the lowest price, and you may want to do this before your doctor gives you your script.

Look At Side Effects

Medications will often cause side effects, and erectile dysfunction medicine is no different. While you may not experience any, you want to be aware of them so they can be identified. Each medicine will have a different set of side effects, so look at the medicines separately to see if one has more than another. 

Some of the things that you may experience include dizziness, upset stomach, headache, nausea, diarrhea, and rash. You want to find out how prevalent these side effects are as well, because some medications will often have less of an incidence of them than others. 

While it may not directly affect the medicine you choose, you should also know about some of the signs of an allergic reaction to ED medication. These include chest pain, shortness of breath, and intense itching sensations. 

Erections that last for several hours without dissipating are also an issue that requires emergency attention.