Hearing Tests And What You Can Expect From Them

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If you suspect that you are not able to hear as well as you once could, you may need to have your hearing tested. Here is a bit of information about hearing tests and what you can expect from them.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

People lose their hearing for multiple reasons, including:

How Do You Know You Need a Hearing Test?

There are multiple indications that you may be suffering from hearing loss. Here are a few of them:

Inability to hear people clearly

Although you may be accustomed to the voice inflections of those with whom you interact regularly, you may find it more difficult to discern what less familiar people are saying.

Increasing the volume of electronics

When other listeners can comfortably hear the radio or television at its current volume but you cannot, your hearing may be impaired.


Hearing loss is sometimes accompanied by a chronic ringing in the ears.

Asking people to repeat themselves

If voices appear muffled to you, you may frequently ask people to repeat themselves. The muffling may be due to hearing loss.

Inability to hear when speaking on the phone

During a regular phone call, you are unable to read the lips or body language of the person speaking on the other end of the phone. Thus, an inability to hear others when the telephone is at a normal volume is a good indication of hearing issues.

What Happens During a Hearing Test?

During an auditory test, a hearing specialist measures your ability to hear designated sounds at various volumes. The test, which also measures your ability to clearly hear speech, indicates how sensitive your hearing is.

Using the results of your test, the specialist may print out an audiogram, which displays frequency and loudness measurements to show the volume and frequencies at which your ears can detect sounds. The higher the volume required for you to hear a sound, the more significant the level of hearing impairment.

If Your Hearing Loss Is Confirmed, Which Hearing Aid Do You Select?

Like other prescription devices, hearing aid selections are not left solely to the patient. Once the hearing specialist has reviewed the results of your hearing test, they can discuss the most suitable treatment options for your needs, including which hearing devices are best for you.

To have your hearing tested, schedule a consultation with an auditory clinic in your area, such as Audiology Services.