Pregnancy Survival Tips For Expectant Fathers

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While most information on pregnancy tends to focus on expectant mothers, and rightly so, there is often little focus on how pregnancy can affect expectant fathers. Pregnancy can be an anxiety ridden time for an expectant father, especially if he is a first-time father. Often expectant fathers are plagued with doubts and anxiety as they watch their partners bellies grow and know that they will soon be responsible for the children that will enter the world. Some of the most common fears and concerns of expectant fathers are addressed below. It is important for expectant fathers to realize that they are not alone, and these are common concerns.

What if something happens to my partner?

Watching your partner go through pregnancy can be terrifying for an expectant dad, especially if your partner does not have a healthy pregnancy. Concerns for low blood counts, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, vomiting, aches, pains, and swellings, to name a few, can take their toll not just on the your partner's body but on yours as well. An obstetrics professional, like at North Florida Women's Care, can help answer your questions here. You may fear that your partner may not survive the pregnancy or that something will happen to the baby. These fears are not unusual and can cause a lot of anxiety.

Will I be able to provide financially?

New babies tend to need a lot of things, and these items can cost a lot of money. Concerns about providing for a newborn and other family members, including your partner and yourself, may leave you with severe financial anxiety that can cause added stress. The thought of not being able to provide for your family can make you feel like less of a man and can affect your self-esteem. You may also be afraid to share these anxieties with anyone because you are afraid of being viewed as weak and incapable.

Gender Anxiety

While many men feel anxious at the thought of having a baby in general and worry about being a good father. It is not uncommon to feel even more anxious if you know that you will be having a baby girl. A baby girl as opposed to a baby boy is new ground for a lot of men, so don't be alarmed if you feel anxious about it. Most men can quickly relate to being a boy, after all they were once boys themselves. Girls offer up a whole new challenge and many men may worry about being a good enough role model for their daughters. 

Here are some things you can do to help alleviate your fears:

  1. Talk to someone you can trust about your feelings. Try not to keep them bottled up, when you share your feelings especially with other men who are father's or are soon to be fathers, you might be surprised that they have felt or feel the same way you do.
  2. Express yourself, start a journal or a free blog and document your journey to fatherhood. This can help a lot if you don't feel comfortable talking to others.
  3. Get a lot of exercise. Exercise can positively affect your mood and help to keep you in good health.
  4. Try to save more if you have financial concerns. Eat in instead of out. Take your lunch to work instead of buying it. These are just a few things that will help you to save money.

Becoming a father is one of the great joys of life. Take the time to enjoy every moment and do all that you can to alleviate your anxieties.