The Dangers Of Spinal Compression Fractures In Football Players (And The Importance Of Treatment)

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Football players often suffer from massive hits to the back that can devastate their career. One of the worst problems that can occur is a spinal compression fracture. When this issue occurs, it must be managed immediately, or they risk ending their career.

Hits To The Back Cause A Lot Of Spinal Compression Fractures

One of the most commonly addressed problems that impact athletes (particularly those in football) is spinal compression fractures. It is heavily discussed by a variety of athletic groups, due to its frequent occurrence. In football, getting hit to the back is frowned upon and often penalized, but it can still happen in the heat of a game.

Unfortunately, these hits to the back can cause a person to suffer from a spinal compression fracture. Football players with these fractures have to get off the field right away and get treatment to avoid more severe problems. But how can they be separated from other types of back pain that occur on the field?

Symptoms Of A Spinal Compression Fracture

When a football player gets hit hard in the back during a game, they are going to feel some pain. Telling that pain apart from the agony of a spinal compression fracture is an important way of protecting their health and helping them get back on the field again. A spinal compression fracture causes a variety of symptoms, such as:

When these symptoms occur, it is important for a football player to visit a doctor right away. There's a chance that proper treatment could manage the problem. Getting back on the field to continue playing may be out of the question if they don't get treatment quickly enough.

Treatment Is Possible

There are multiple ways that a spinal compression fracture can be treated. Football players who suffer from one are likely banned from any participation in their sport, including practices, for several months. Pain management techniques, such as medications, back bracing, and rest are typically prescribed. This helps make life easier for the beleaguered player.

Over time, the fracture should heal. During this period, the football player will lose muscle mass unless they participate in simple exercises prescribed by their doctor. Physical therapy can help keep them active without straining their back. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Unfortunately, this may mean the end of player's career.

However, with the help of a spinal compression fracture specialist, like, it is possible to heal the injury successfully. It might mean the end of a season for the player, but proper treatment may save their career and keep them on the field longer.