Home Improvements That Ease Back Pain: Suggestions Your Doctor Might Make

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If you are constantly suffering from back pain and you have tried almost everything to get some back pain relief, maybe it is time you think outside the box. Assessing your home for changes and home improvements is a good place to start. Most doctors are willing to tell cancer patients and terminally ill patients about how to alter their homes for their comfort. This is no different, since you are seeking physical comfort as well. The following home improvements and changes are just a few things your doctor might tell you are a good idea to help reduce your back pain. 

Put Everything at Eye or Waist Level

Reaching above your head a lot causes strain on the neck and back muscles. You are more prone to feeling all that pain when you are constantly reaching up to shelves or reaching up into closets. Alter these spaces by placing everything you want and need on shelves at eye or waist level. Have someone help you reorganize and reshelve things for your convenience. 

Install a Chair Lift for the Stairs

Whether you have a lot of stairs to climb to get to the second story of your home or you just have really steep stairs, neither is good for lower back pain. If your pain is caused by arthritis in your spine, that is all the more reason to avoid climbing stairs. Install a stair lift and you will be able to go up and down the stairs with almost no pain while riding in a padded chair lift. 

Use a Grabber Tool to Reach for Things

You have probably seen these in a pharmacy. Kids' versions look like toy robot claws. The adult versions are a few feet long, which really saves you from bending over to pick something up and straining your back in the process. Sometimes they can be prescribed so that Medicare/Medicaid will pay for them, but you will have to ask your doctor about that. 

Spa Jet Tub

Nothing soothes a sore back quite like the jets and warm water of a spa tub. If you do not currently own a bathtub with spa jets, this remodeling project is superb for what ails you. It is also not that expensive to install. You can buy the tub you want, and then pay a remodeling contractor to rip out your old tub and install the new one. Regular soaks in such a tub will definitely ease the pain and relax you. 

Call a physician for more information about how to get back pain relief